I believe that the situation for psychonauts today reverses the norm of antiquity. The trend of illumined experience today is away from culture and back to Sacred Nature. It is a return to the Goddess whom we now know as Gaia. Living in an insane society, modern psychonauts cannot be aimed toward engendering culture where there is neither the intelligence nor the inclination to accept it. That would be pointless, if not suicidal. (The life of Antonin Artaud is a case study of such a mistake. One of several that might be cited.)

By contrast, cybernauts believe they are involved in the most advanced aspects of culture, and disposed toward the decisive culture-making activities of the future. Many cybernauts take drugs (as distinguished from psychoactive plants) and then log on to computers, or strap themselves into virtual reality gear, believing that they are exploring the far reaches of the universe. Even though most of what is said about the potential for informatics to dominate the human world is pure hype, the belief in the hype is self-fulfilling — if one can describe psychosis and disembodiment as types of human fulfillment. Cybernetic fixation may be the endgame script for our species, the way we write ourselves out of the Gaian narrative. Hence, the fundamental contrast to be seen between psychonauts and cybernauts: the former are heading away from culture and back into the matrix of the Earth Mystery, while the latter are heading into the cultural void of the Artificial, the zone of the Archons.

What Beauty is there


Edvard Munch, Two human beings (the lonely ones)

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Untitled, 1977 Vinyl paint on cardboard

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Pierre Soulages

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Pierre Soulages (French, b. 1919), Peinture 92 x 65 cm, 1er juin 1953, 1953. Oil on canvas, 92 x 65 cm.

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3 février 1957, Pierre Soulages.

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