Places to go

- Abydos

- Cairo (greek for christ - Kai roh)

- Abu Sir

- Alexandria 

- Karnak » cambodia Ankor wat




- Caves of Mary magdalene outside Marseille

- Vence chapel - matisse

- Saint Maries de la Mer

- Chartres the crypt

- graves

- Monet room


- Tah pit - near calcutta 

- Tamil temples 


Fantasia (1940) - Model sheets of centaurettes

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 Dizzy Gillespie

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GHERASIM LUCA Le Chant de la Carpe


15 minute metaphysical

Lying on the void
flat on death
ideas stretched
death stretched over the head
life held between both hands

Raise the ideas together
without straightening up
and at the same time bring life
before the well-stretched void
Pause for a while
then bring ideas and death back to their starting position
Don’t lift the void off the ground
keep ideas and death taut

Anxieties outstretched
life above the head

Bend the void forward
by twisting to the left
to bring about the shivers before death
Return to the starting position
Keep the anxieties stretched out
and bring life and death
as close together as possible

Ideas outstretched
trembling held slightly out
life behind the ideas

Lift the stretched anxieties
above the head
Pause briefly
then return life to its starting position
Don’t lower the trembling
and keep the void well back

Death outstretched
void within
life behind anxieties

Bend death to the left
straighten it back up
and keep bending it to the right
Try not to twist the trembling
keep the ideas stretched 
and death outside

Lying flat on death
life between the ideas

Lift anxiety up by lowering death
and dragging the ideas backward
in order to raise the trembling
Pause briefly
and return to the starting position
Don’t separate life from anxiety
Keep the void stretched

Standing up
anxieties joined
void hanging loosely
on both sides of death

Jump lightly on the trembling
like a bouncing ball
Keep the anxieties loose
Don’t tense up
all ideas relaxed

Void and death bending forward
anxieties held back and slightly flexed
in front of the ideas

Breathe deeply in the void
while tossing void and death behind
At the same time
opening death on both sides of ideas
life and anxieties forward
Pause a moment
inhale through the void

Exhale while inhaling
inhale while exhaling